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We are now living in a different world. COVID-19 has changed the way we view life and the business of caring for our seniors. The focus now more than ever is CARE and PROTECTION. How do we now make that transition from home to Senior Living in today’s world?

Let us take a look at the New Normal and how that is affecting our Senior Living Communities.

But first a look at the past.

Prior to COVID-19, Senior Living Communities welcomed visitors and new residents with open arms. They thrived on having a tremendous amount of activities for their residents. They invited the outside community and organizations to utilize their building for events, both social and educational. There was constant movement, joy, and excitement that enticed even the shyest individual to blossom into a social butterfly.

That has now changed…

With the advent of COVID-19, Governor Ron DeSanctis and AHCA closed all Senior Living Communities to outside visitors, recommending their residents only venture out of the building for necessary appointments such as doctor visits. Scheduled outside entertainment and trips for the residents were canceled. Residents were asked to stay in their apartments and wear masks when in the common areas of the community. New resident tours were canceled and virtual tours have been put in their place. New resident assessments are now being done via video chat. Most people are electing to stay at home until they are able to physically tour the communities. Others who elect to move are being confined to their apartments for 4 days to 2 weeks. And life moves on…

The New Normal:

Life will not return to what it was before but that doesn’t mean the current situation will last forever. No one has a crystal ball to see into the future, but the future will focus more on CARE and PROTECTION. Moving forward, more focus and attention will be paid to the screening process. Clients will be assessed closer with respect to:

Virtual tours will be done prior to the physical tour to narrow down the choices of possible communities. Once that has been accomplished, physical tours will be scheduled. The tours will be conducted with the client wearing a mask and observing the 6-foot rule of social engagement. Once a decision has been made to move, the client may have to observe a period of self-isolation.

Welcome to the New Normal…

“All things are difficult before they are easy.” Thomas Fuller

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